Sunday, March 1, 2020

SOLSC #1: Let's Get Started

I'm not sure why I've waited so long to get back to this community. Some Tuesdays, I have my tenth graders write a SOL, and I tell myself to update my blog with my own Slice...but then life happens.

Today's slice is about my love for The Office. I can't not watch this show when it's on...and today, the episode where Ryan comes back to introduce the employees to the new technology (Blackberry and GPS) is one of my favorites.


 Good grief...I absolutely die laughing every single time I watch this. I remember the night this actually aired. My son and I were watching - he may have been 15 at the time. But the more I thought about getting him a GPS when he got his license, the more I was convinced that he would be just like Michael and not keep his wits about him. Like, he'd let the tech take over and not pay attention to where the computer took him.

It did take him several months to figure out how to drive and pay attention to the GPS, but he finally got it. And, luckily, he's never driven into a lake!


  1. Good thing he’s never drive into a lake... yikes!

    Glad you’re back for the month of March!

  2. Life does happen, doesn't it? Like you, all year I say I'm going to share a slice on Tuesday, but either I can't think of anything to write or I'm just too tired to write it. You're off to a good start; only 30 more slices to go! :)


Thanks so much for the comment.